Philip Hall, Raleigh NC – About Me

My name is Philip Hall, I am a British transplant living in Raleigh North Carolina, and this is my blog. I am the father of two of the most wonderful children in the world (who are growing up way too quickly!). I have worked most of my career in the financial services industry, I spent 11 years at the investment banking giant Credit Suisse, and after that spent time working on managing professional investment portfolios. In my spare time I love to cycle (though only in fair weather – I’m an April to November kind of cyclist), scuba dive, ski in the winter (or even the summer if I can make it the southern hemisphere) and travel. And the travel I fund through a quirky hobby of finding fun and creative ways to earn vast amounts of frequent flier miles. I blog specifically about that topic at Milesabound.

Philip Hall Raleigh NC Blog
Philip Hall

This blog is an outlet for my thoughts and musing on whatever topics take my interest be it finance, investing, news or any of the things that interest me in my personal life that I think are worthy of sharing! I hope you enjoy

You can find me elsewhere on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.


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