Philip Hall, Raleigh NC

Hi! And welcome to my blog. This blog will be an outlet for me to share my view on life, the universe and everything that I find interesting or think may  be of interested. I have had some fun blogging before as I write the travel / miles / points hacking blog Milesabound.  That has been a lot of fun and has been very satisfying. But Milesabound is essentially an alter-ego, and this is a forum where I can publish my own views on any topic without feeling the constraint of trying to be any particular niche.

You can find out all about my professional background and history here on Linkedin. I have worked in financial services – yes that’s right I’m a Wall Street type! – for the past decade and a half or more. I got started in financial services on the IT side of things developing various bits of software for a variety of different business groups. But I was always more interested in the business side of things and got my break in late 2005 / early 2006 to join a new business group in the USA and that resulted in my move from London, UK where I had spent most of my adult life to Raleigh, NC along with a hefty amount of commuting to New York City. Since then I have worked in a variety of positions in the financial services space both on the “sell” side (banking side) and on the “buy” side (hedge fund and private equity investing).

You can find me on Twitter where I will likely be posting things I find of interest in my personal and professional life. I try to pass along anything I think may be interesting or worth reading or worth knowing, along with a few random tidbits from what’s going on in my life!

Lastly you can find me on Facebook, though I keep the majority of my profile to anyone who is not a “Friend” on that web site. But don’t be shy and feel free to send my a Friend request!

I look forward to seeing where this blog goes!



3 thoughts on “Philip Hall, Raleigh NC

  1. When you were at Credit Suisse, and this is a long shot, did you ever run into the founder of I heard he was at Credit Suisse, and I think the timing overlapped when you were there


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